Makeup Masterclass


Masterclass Options:

1 on 1 Beauty Masterclass $600

In a one-on-one makeup class with celebrity makeup artist Yelena Scheidler, participants can expect a personalized and immersive experience tailored to their individual needs and skill level. Yelena’s extensive expertise and industry experience allow her to provide valuable insights and techniques, covering everything from basic makeup application to advanced skills. The class may include hands-on demonstrations, personalized tips, and guidance on product selection and usage. Yelena’s warm and approachable teaching style ensures that participants feel comfortable and empowered to enhance their makeup skills. Whether it’s for everyday looks or special occasions, participants can expect to leave the class feeling confident and inspired to elevate their makeup artistry.

Group Beauty Masterclass $200 (min 5 students)

When beauty becomes a celebration, participants indulge in a hands-on experience, crafting their ideal makeup looks step by step under the expert guidance of Yelena Scheidler. This intimate gathering offers a small group the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of makeup, enjoying the process while learning from Yelena’s expertise.

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